A New Birthing of Christ for Today: A Celtic Perspective


Celtic Spirituality Weekend

Presented by Rev. Dr. J. Philip Newell

at The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church

On March 20-22 2009


The Celtic Cross-

  • The love of Christ–cross
  • The love of creation–the orb

      Invites us to see Christ and creation coming forth from the same point: From the Heart of God

  The Sacred core of life

  The image of God at the core of our being


Features, words, phrases:

  • Love of nature/creation
  • Love for the Triune God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) in all of life
  • A personal relationship with God, seeking His presence, and honoring Him 24/7
  • Love and respect for art, poetry, and music
  • Hospitality
  • Honoring women as equals
  • Having soul mates and soul friends
  • Oral history of songs, prayers, and stories passed down through the ages
  • Focus on St John–listening for God in the heart of life
  • Christ leading us into the unity of life–disclosing the passion of God to us

                     peace                     wisdom

                     love                        harmony

                     healing                   holy and living energy


Interconnectedness with all of life brings us to the heart/love of God.

Becoming our true selves as God created us to be, through Christ.




~ by celticspirituality on July 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “A New Birthing of Christ for Today: A Celtic Perspective”

  1. Sally,

    I thing the site looks great!


  2. Thank you, Kenne. From you, that’s quite a compliment!

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