Celtic Spirituality & J. Philip Newell

This event offers the opportunity to discover a spirituality for today that is modelled on the essential characteristics of Celtic spirituality through the centuries.  In the early Celtic mission of Britain, St John the Evangelist was remembered as the disciple who leaned against Jesus at the last supper.  It was said of him that he therefore heard the heartbeat of God.  He becomes an image of the practice of listening for the beat of God’s presence within life – within ourselves and one another and within creation.  J. Philip Newell’s best-selling title, Listening for the Heartbeat of God, explores the beliefs and practices of Celtic spirituality, particularly in relation to creation, the interior life and Scripture.

We live in the midst of a growing awareness of the unity of creation.  We live also amidst terrible brokennesses and fragmentation in our lives and world.  The New Birthing of Christ for Today: A Celtic Perspective will be an event of presentations and sharing, of silence and meditation led by J. Philip Newell in which we will reflect on Celtic Spirituality as a way of being deeply transformed in our consciousness of the earth’s oneness and passionalely engaged in the human journey towards peace and wholeness. 


J. Philip Newell is a poet, a scholar and a teacher.  Formerly Warden of Iona Abbey in the Western Isles of Scotland, he is currently Writer Theologian for the Scottish Cathedral of the Isles as well as Companion Theologian for the American Spirituality Centre of Casa del Sol in New Mexico.  He is internationally acclaimed for his work in the field of Celtic spirituality, including his best known titles Listening for the Heartbeat of God and Christ of the Celts: the Healing of Creation as well as his poetic book of prayer Sounds of the Eternal.  He is a Church of Scotland minister with a passion for ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.  Canadian by birth, he lives in Edinburgh with his family where he undertook his doctoral research in Celtic Christianity.  Since then he has played a leading role on both sides of the Atlantic in the re-birthing of a creation spirituality for today.



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